Extended Day Program

Extended Day Program

Extended Day is our before & after school care program. Our program provides a safe and enriching environment that meets the needs of the diverse population of children who attend. We offer an on campus reduced rate program to those who are either dropped off early at school, or stay late after school. Extended Day Aides are First Aid and CPR certified and have been trained in the Nurtured Heart approach.

Morning Care 7:30 - 8:30

Each morning, children can arrive and eat breakfast (either from home, or school) and participate in quiet activities or games at the Little House (1010 Cleveland Avve). At 8:30, children go to the old playground for morning recess until the bell rings and proceed to their classrooms for the day.

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Kinder-Care 12:05 - 2:50

Our Kinder-Care program offers an extended day for which children will eat a lunch, (from home or school), participate in afternoon recess with the entirety of the school, and return to the Kindergarten classroom. Upon arrival, children transition with a quiet time, either reading books or resting, and are then give a list of choices consisting of quiet activities for the afternoon. The kindergarten Extended Day program is now avaiable at no cost for families. Students who need to stay longer than 2:40 p.m. will need to enroll in the Afternoon Extended Day program, which offers high quality care for our students at The Little House (1010 Cleveland Ave) until 5:30 p.m. for reasonable costs.

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Afternoon Care 2:50-5:30

Each afternoon, children are offered a healthy snack, outside playtime, an engaging teacher-led activity, and an opportunity to do homework, relax, participate in quiet games, or read books, all the while having fun in a positive and enriching environment.


Each Day an Extended Day Aide provides a planned activity as a choice during the 3:15-4:15 time slot. We are currently offering three different regular activities. On Tuesdays, we have Science with Kayci, Wednesdays is Cooking with Hannah, and on Fridays we offer Drawing with Kelly. On Mondays and Thursdays Kelly and Kayci offer an art, craft, or indoor activity which varies each week. 

Typical Schedule for Extended Day Activities

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Extended Day AM Schedule

7:30-8:30          Quiet Activities at Little House
|8:30-8:45          Recess (old playground)


Kindergarten Extended Day Schedule

12:05 - 12:25  Circle and Puzzles
12:25 - 12:55  Wash Hands/Lunch Time
12:55 - 1:35    Recess
1:35 - 2:00      Quiet Time/Siesta
|2:00-2:30        Activities in Kindergarten Room
2:50                Dismissal


Extended Day PM Schedule Grades K-8

2:50 - 3:00        Check-in time at the Little House & Snack
3:00-3:30          Activities at the Little House (1010)
3:30-4:15          Outdoor Free Play/Scheduled Activities
4:20 -4:40         Homework/Reading/Siesta (indoors)
4:45 - 5:30        Free Play in the Little House


How to Sign Up for Extended Day

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Extended Day is a pre-pay and partial/full commitment program. Please read the Program Handbook and complete the registration forms (download paperwork below) that are required to be on file previous to the students start date.  Registration includes several scheduling options and a one time $25 materials fee for each family enrolled in the program.

Extended Day Kinder Contract
Extended Day Service Contract
Program Handbook
Extended Day 1st - 8th Contract Calculation
This page of the Service Contract allows you to indicate which days/times your child will generally attend Extended Day. If you anticipate that your child will not have regular attendance at Extended Day but instead will use "drop in" service only occasionally, please indicate this on the form.

Meet Our Staff

 Kristina Crovella 

Kristina Crovella
Extended Day Program Coordinator