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Eric Peterson                                        Daisy Saelee
Workabiltiy Coordinator                        Workability Assistant
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The Vision of the California Department of Education, Special Education Division is that all individuals with disabilities will successfully participate in preparation for the workplace and independent living. The Mission for this program is to provide and/or coordinate an array of services to assist students in creating and implementing career plans that are based on self-knowledge, awareness of need, preferences and options
WorkAbility 1 utilizes an integrated curriculum, which includes business ethics, career interest exploration, future planning, computer skills (including the use of the internet), and phases of the job search. Students learn to build a career portfolio that will help take them into post-secondary college and/or employment. WorkAbility 1 Students who are ready to enter the workplace learn many additional employment skills such as completing job applications, interviewing skills, and ever "Surviving a Panel Interview".
WorkAbility 1 many off-campus employment opportunities such as working in various businesses, retail stores, restaurants, fast food establishments, and many more.  Students attend our pre-employment workshops to help promote successful employment situations and to increase their chances of positive employment opportunities in the future. WorkAbility also offers on-campus employment opportunities to students.

'Educate, Employ, Empower"