Step It Up Program

Step it Up is one of OSA’s Diversity Initiatives designed to give underserved Oakland youth in 4th-5th grades access to OSA’s high quality arts instruction. Weekly afterschool arts classes with OSA’s exceptional arts faculty take place both on and off site. Step it Up incorporates active outreach into the community to engage as many of Oakland’s upcoming middle and high school students as possible, informing them about the opportunity to participate in the afterschool workshops. Through the study of foundational techniques in Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Theater, Instrumental Music, Dance, Production Design and Digital Media, Step it Up seeks to give interested students the tools they need to successfully audition into OSA. 
Fourth and fifth grade students at specific Title 1 Oakland schools can apply for the Step It Up program. To see if your child attends one of SIU's Title 1 Oakland Schools, or is eligible to apply, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or download the Spanish FAQ or Mandarin FAQ.