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Save 75% and more off retail pricing for basic copying! Everyday!
Portrait of prices for printing black and colored copies.
Why Reprographics?

Why Reprographics? iconWhy Reprographics?title

We are knowledgeable in print processes and options

 We understand and are responsive to the needs of printing for the education community

We work to your deadline

We have a vested interest in your success and the professionalism it reflects on WJUSD

We save you time at the copier so you can prep, teach, and collaborate

We save you time looking for the right price and the right delivery schedule from an outside vendor

We are able to produce copies at significantly less than the retail marketplace for our entire product line, not just one or two contracted items

We don't charge sales tax on work we do, saving you over 8% right out of the gate

We have convenient, daily site pick up and delivery via our District Courier so you can remain at your site

 We are available 24/7 via email

Ordering & Pricing

Ordering & Pricing Information

Ordering & Pricing Information iconOrdering & Pricing Informationtitle

Print services can be ordered with our Digital Printing Order Form:

Digital Printing Order Form

Digital Printing Order Form Instructions

1.   Fill in all JOB SPECIFICATIONS. 
2.   Provide a DUE DATE.
3.   Provide your CONTACT INFORMATION.
4.   Provide a BUDGET CODE and any approval signatures required by your site (requirement varies by site).
5.   Send in the Digital Printing Order Form with your hard copy originals OR  email the form to here, attaching all digital files as PDFs.

  Business Card and Envelope orders each have an additional form to accompany the Digital Printing Order Form. (Business Card Order Form; Envelope Order Form):          

Business Card Order Form
Sorry, but any work order arriving without a budget code (when one is normally used) will be returned to the site for coding. This could delay the start and completion of your order. If you need help with any of the order forms, call Becky at (530) 406-3233.

Available Paper Options
Reprographic Services carries a full array of paper stocks most requested by our customers. We also have access to additional special order paper to fill your order specifications. If you don’t see it on our Paper Options List, just ask and we can order it for you.

Paper Options

Ordering Suggestions
  • Submit requests early to avoid possible delays due to equipment failure, staff absences, paper special orders, or high volume peaks.
  • Email electronic PDFs (saved as high-quality print) of your files for optimum image quality as well as the correct fonts and colors. If your file size is   greater than the 15 MB allowed for emails, use to send us the files.
  • SIf you are scanning documents to send us, please use the “high quality printing” PDF preset on your site MFP (copier/printer) for the best results.
We work hard to provide competitive pricing. As an internal cost-neutral print facility, we are tasked with recovering all costs of our operation including:
  • Salary & benefits
  • Equipment leases
  • Supplies
  • Waste costs.
Recovery of these costs are reflected in chargebacks for completed work. Our basic copy charge saves you 75 percent over the average retail printer PLUS an additional 8 percent because we have no tax charges for work done here. While we start with basic prices, most of our work has custom aspects so pricing can vary. Please contact Becky at (530) 406-3233 for a quote. 

Payment Information
  • We bill on a monthly basis.
  • Orders with budget codes are billed directly to the account by WJUSD Business Services Accounts Receivable. File copies of the bill are sent to you.
  • All other orders are billed via invoice to the site affiliation or person responsible.
  • Bills are due upon receipt.
  • Cash or check payments are accepted. 
Turnaround Time
  • Orders are processed on a first-in-first-out basis. 
  • Ready-to-print orders can be printed and delivered within 3-5 working days.
  • Complex orders can require additional time, depending on what needs to be done before and after printing. 
  • Quicker turnarounds can be arranged if needed.