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Associated Student Body

ASB is here at your disposal, to make your school community a better place.  Come check out important news and updates about your school activities and events! Here you will find the latest pictures, articles and information about the leadership team.

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Join ASB

Are you interested in making an impact on your school community? If you want to further develop your leadership qualities while making a difference in your school, then ASB might be the class for you. Full of positions, ASB has a spot for every leadership style, whether you prefer to be an outgoing motivator or a silent contributor. ASB students work together on extensive projects that impact the student body each day! Accepting to new ideas and diversity, ASB frequently looks for fresh faces and positive role models.

So if you want to be a school leader, help our community, and impact the lives of others, then join ASB when picking your class schedule next year. Once you have expressed your interest, you will have to fill out an application; some positions are appointed and others are elected by your fellow student body. Take this part seriously as ASB is only looking for those that want to be there. 

Good luck on your future classes, as we hope to see you in ASB next year!


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Executive Board

ASB President

Jack Van Dine

ASB Vice President 

Annah DeLange

ASB Secretary/Treasurer 

Hannah Fornaciari


Class Officers and Advisers

Senior Class President

RaiAnne  Dunlap

Senior Class V.P.

Lydia Harris 

Junior Class President

Faith Miller

Junior Class V.P.

Riley Taylor

Sophomore Class President

Tyler Sprague 

Freshmen Class President

Joesephine Brookins



Athletic Commissioners

Kaitlin Hamilton

Brian Thomas

Rally Commissioners

Belinda Brookins

Faith Miller

Spirit Commissioners

Ella Ross

Blaze Williams

Publicity Commissioners

Lily DeLange

Neveah Walker
Publicity Commissioner (Social Media)
Kelli Hames

Fundraising Commissioners

Lily Underwood

Entertainment Commissioner

Kylee Scribner

Marcus Hanger

Tech Commissioner

Carson Sheetz


Stevi Morton

Advisers_and_Contact_Information Card IconAdvisers and Contact InformationTop of Page

ASB Adviser 

Stephanie Smith          Email

Senior Class Advisers

Amanda Cloud              Email  

Paul York               Email 

Junior Class Advisers

Bruce Stallings             Email

Monica Young-Zook                    Email

Sophomore Class Adviser

Jennifer Sprague    Email

Daniel Rupp             Email

Freshmen Class Advisers

Kevin Riley           Email

Sean Linhart                      Email

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Homecoming 2016

Written by Harley Leiper

Homecoming 2016 was an overall success! This year was presented with many exciting changes from the beginning. Together, ASB was determined to make this year’s homecoming one to remember. Based upon the feedback from the staff and students of THS, we achieved our goal. Everyone had something positive to say about the homecoming week. We did our best to put effort, time, and commitment into everything that homecoming week consisted of and it definitely payed off!

Now that we have a class set aside for ASB as a whole, we can dedicate ourselves to the school and ways to better it. As a whole, ASB is super happy to hear the positive feedback from everyone and we hope you are all excited for the next big event in the school: Tourney Week!!

We promise to bring our A game and make Tourney Week just as awesome as Homecoming, if not better!


Lunch time activity: Face painting at lunch

Lunch time activity: Face painting at lunch     Photo by: Stephanie Smith

Looks like they have a major case of SENIORitis! Photo by: Stephanie Smith

Looks like they have a major case of SENIORitis!
Photo by: Stephanie Smith

Entrance into the Homecoming Rally Photo by: Stephanie Smith

Entrance into the Homecoming Rally
Photo by: Stephanie Smith