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picture of michelle
Michelle Sierra-Sammons
Term Year 2018
Michelle Sierra-Sammons was elected to the Board in November 2014.  Currently, Michelle is an Assessment Supervisor for the Placer County Assessor’s office.   Before moving to Auburn in 1997, she was employed by the Lancaster School District in Lancaster, California, as an Instructional Assistant, specializing in special education class settings.

She has been a longtime advocate of public education. Michelle also serves on the board of the local non-profit group, Caring Hearts Society of Auburn.  

Michelle lives in Auburn with her husband, Bill Sammons. 
Woody Hoffmann JPG
  Woody Hoffmann
Term Year 2020
I have been involved with the children of the Auburn Union School District for some time in several capacities.  I worked for AUSD as the "Director of Finance" from 1991 until I retired in 2006. 

Serving as the Kiwanis faculty advisor to E.V. Cain STEM Charter students for the last 15 years, I facilitate student involvement in our community through a variety of projects.In addition, I was elected to the board of the Auburn Education Foundation in June, 2012.

I have been a trustee of the Auburn Union School District Board since April, 2012.
picture of julannJulann Brown
Term Year 2018
Julann was elected to the Board in November 2014. Julann is a business operations and finance consultant.Julann served for more than a dozen years in key leadership positions that support Auburn schools, including a two-year stint as president of the Auburn Education Foundation.

She also served several years on the AUSD Budget Committee, 21st Century Schools Committee, and as president, vice president and treasurer of parent-teacher organizations at Alta Vista and EV Cain Schools.

Julann is the mother of two boys, Avery and Jeremy, both attended Auburn Union Schools. Her youngest, Jeremy is currently attending Placer High.
picture of debbie
Debbie Goodrich
Term Year 2018
I have been married 24 years. I have two children Allicen and Bradley. Allicen attends Sierra College and Bradley is a student at E.V Cain middle school. I work for Placer County in the Clerk Recorders Office.

Prior to serving for AUSD I also had a seat on the Colfax Elementary School Board. I keep very busy with my children and all their activities. I also serve as the Operations Director for Placer Jr. Hillmen Football & Cheer Organization.
lashaun picture
Lashaun Byer
Term Year 2020
I am very excited to begin another term as your Trustee.  I have previously served on the board for 4 years where I helped to re-open Alta Vista School, facilitated our strategic plan process, increased our access to technology and improved the overall vision of our district. 
I am an educational Psychologist and have worked in public education for over 24 years.  My son has received an excellent education through the Auburn Union schools, and we have been very active in his education.
I look forward to addressing the needs of our students, families, teachers and staff, and collaborating in order to achieve positive solutions.  Auburn Union is an amazing district and I look forward to the next 4 years.