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The GATE/Rapid Learner program provides funding for local educational agencies to develop unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving pupils in California public elementary and secondary schools who have been identified as gifted and talented. Special efforts are made to ensure that the demographics of participating pupils accurately represents our district's demographics.
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Tuesday, November 27 at 3:00
Location to be determined
(all interested students, parents and staff are encouraged to participate)

Notes from the November 6 Brainstorm MeetingTop of Page

Our November 6 meeting had students, parents, teachers, administrators and board members participating. The schools represented were Alta Vista, E.V. Cain and Skyridge. Here are some points from our first dialogue...
  • E.V. Cain's middle school program offers honors courses to support and challenge both GATE-identified and high achieving students in core subjects
  • While AUSD elementary schools are identifying GATE students, there appear to be no GATE-specific offerings
  • Is our current GATE identification process accurate and equitable?
  • The number of AUSD GATE-identified students dropped in the 2015/16 school year when new qualification measures were implemented.
  • Parents of GATE-identified students would like to see GATE-specific activities, however at the middle school level such activities have been met with strong objections from families whose children are not GATE-identified.
At the November 27 meeting, we will focus on AUSD's GATE Identification Process with samples from successful GATE programs in other districts.

"Rethinking Giftedness" video from YouCubed on VimeoTop of Page