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Per the new IDEIA, the district in which the private school is located is responsible to assess a student for special education services, schedule the initial IEP, and invite the district of residence to the IEP. The district of residence is responsible for the offer of an IEP. However, the district of location is still responsible for annual and triennial assessments as they arise.

The district of location offers the Private School Service Plan and is responsible for notifying AUSD staff regarding those dates, e.g., school psychologist, speech pathologist, OT, etc. Because of this, AUSD staff needs to keep a file on a student with an active SP.

As a student transitions to new grade levels within AUSD, it is also the responsibility of district staff to make sure the student's file is sent on to the new district school and that the receiving staff member is aware of the SP. District staff should also be aware of the annual and triennial dates so they are not out of compliance.