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TweenTribune daily news sites for kids, tweens and teens – where you'll find the most compelling, relevant and interesing news for 55 million kids in K-12 and their 3.5 million teachers.Stories are selected by professional journalists working closely with teens, tweens and teachers. Teens and tweens can post comments, with all comments moderated by their teachers before they are published. We allow teens and tweens to produce 99 percent of our content as a means of engaging them. More than 100,000 teachers have registered so far.
Newsela - a new website that provides students with unlimited access to hundreds of leveled news articles and Common-Core aligned quizzes, with new articles everyday (summary from their website).  Teachers can create classes and then assign current event articles for their students to read.  Some Newsela articles also have quizzes that students can take and then are automatically graded.  The best thing is the student can change the Lexile level of the article (reading level starts at grade 4)
WONDEROPOLIS - A site for daily high-interest nonfiction
ZooBorns - A nonfiction blog about zoo babies around the world