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Educational Services

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The Educational Services Division provides support to all school sites within the district to accelerate performance for all students while eliminating the achievement gap.
  • Support the site Professional Learning Community.
  • Support the schools by developing, implementing and evaluating educational systems that allow all students to thrive.
  • Provide curriculum alignment and identify and implement critical professional development opportunities. Our schools use the Professional Learning Communities approach to strengthen student learning.
  • Provide coaches for the schools to work with staff to improve student learning and close the achievement gap.
At the core of Student Achievement are five levels. The Twin Rivers Unified School District Mission, which is to inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day, The respectful partnerships with family and community, equitable and transparent budgeting and operations, effective, engaging and data driven insruction, college and career readiness. Effective Instruction is differentiated and rigorous, standards based, relevant and measurable, culturally responsive. College and Career Readiness means students who think critically, problem solve, work well with others, and communicate effectively, acquire technology skills, and commit to community and global awareness. Respectful partnerships are collaborative and service oriented, committed to open communication, focused on student success, built upon strong relationships. Budgeting and operations that are student centered, fiscally responsible, valuing the input of all stakeholders.

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Sample item test questions for the Smarter Balanced ELA and mathematics assessments are available on the Smarter Balanced Sample Items webpage