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CA Partnership Academies

What_is_a_CA_Partnership_Academy? Card IconWhat is a CA Partnership Academy?Top of Page

A California Partnership Academy operates as a "school within a school".  The academy model is a three-year program for grades 10 -12*.  Academies incorporate integrated academic and career technical education, business partnerships, mentoring and internships.  The CA Partnership Academies represent the high school reform movement that is focused on smaller learning communities.  Academy components include rigorous academics with a career focus, a team of teachers and active business involvement.  Extensive evaluations of the academy model indicate a positive impact on school students school performance.

Academies provide students an opportunity to learn about future professions within a particular career field.  They also provides students with many opportunities not found in the "normal" perimeters of traditional education.

Every academy has a set of teachers that work together as a team to deliver curriculum around the academy's career focus.  Each class incorporates curriculum from the career field.  Students move in cohorts, only taking classes with other academy students.  Students participate in field trips, community service, internships, mentoring and various other "hands-on" experiences during their years in the academy.

 (* some academy programs have 9th grade courses)
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Foothill High School

New Energy Technology Academy
Created in 2009-10 school year, through a partnership with PG&E, the New Energy Academy is a career training opportunity for students in green, reusable and sustainable energy technology.  They are one of five schools selected by the Dept. of Education to jointly develop a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the upcoming employment needs of PG&E and begins defining the training requirements that will equip students to become active participants in the new "green" revolution.

Grant Union High School

Criminal Justice Magnet Academy
The Criminal Justice Magnet Academy offers high school students the unique opportunity to work with law enforcement, learn vital skills, and serve the community.  The high standards of the program inspire these young people to do and be their best as students, citizens and future members of the workforce.  The goals of the academy are to; develop strong school and work ethics, prepare students for college and or education beyond high school and to give students an active involement and resposibility for their communites and our society.
Environmental Science "GEO" Academy
The GEO Academy offers 9th-12th grade students outdoor learning and hands-on experiences in environmental horticulture, landscape architectural design, habitat restoration,  and "green" business and environmental science monitoring.  The academy provides strong academic training and real world based projects that deepen students' appreciation of our environment and its natural resources.  It prepares students for higher education and careers that will shape the planning of our environment and communities.
Sports Academy
The Grant High school Sports Academy empowers students to pursue higher education and become leaders in the areas of sports medicine, media and business entrepreneurship.
  • Sports Medicine - Students interested in pursuing careers in medicine will follow the Health Science and Medical Technology pathway.  These students will assist with training of athletes and tend to sports injuries during practice and games.
  • Multimedia Productions - Those students seeking a creative outlet will be encouraged to participate in the Arts Media and Entertainment Industry Sector, focusing on the development of skills in digital and multi-media arts.
  • Business Entrepreneurship - Students interested in entering business will be enrolled in marketing courses and will be responsible for promoting area athletic events, encouraging attendance and expanding partnerships with the community and the Grant Sports Academy.

Rio Linda High School

Agriscience Academy
This program offers a great opportunity for hands on instruction in areas such as animal husbandry and  organic farming.  Students will participate in local farmers markets and fairs to market, sell and compete against other Agriculture programs.  Students will have an opportunity to raise thier own crops and animals and join Rio Linda's chapter of Future Farmers of America (FFA).