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Facilities Master Plan

California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing The American Institute of Architects, California Council. Leroy F. Greene Design and Planning Awards. Award of Honor. Twin Rivers Unified School District. 2015 District-wide long-range facility master plan.
Twin Rivers was presented with an Award Of Honor from the Leroy F. Greene Design & Planning Awards

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Twin Rivers Long Range Facilities Master Plan

From Planning to Implementation

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Steering_Committee_Community Card IconSteering Committee CommunityTop of Page

  • Jim Allen

    VP, Consumer Banking
  • Angelique Ashby

    Mayor Pro Tem
  • Sondra Betancourt

    Community Member
  • Mervin Brookins

    Founder, 100 Strong
  • Yantice Brown

    Community Member
  • Joe Contreras

    Community Member
  • Michelle Gladney

  • Mel Griffin

    Community Member
  • Howard Hawkins

    Member, 100 Strong
  • Larry Kelley

    President, McClellan Park
  • Skye Lao

    Hmong Youth & Parents United
  • Roberta MacGlashan

    Supervisor, District 4, Sacramento County
  • Amanda Merz

    Financial Manager
  • Liz Mitchell

    Community Member
  • Roy Montalbano

    Partner, Director of Business Development - PBK
  • Tanisha Paiste

    Member, 100 Strong
  • Daniel Savala

    Field Representative to Councilmember Allen Warren, City of Sacramento.
  • Phil Serna

    County Supervisor
  • John Smith

    Principal Architect – S.I.M. Architects, Inc.
  • Todd Spore

    President - Facility Consulting – PBK
  • Allen Warren

    Council Member
  • Deborah Wells

    Member, 100 Strong
  • Amanda Wirz

    Old Foothill Farms Community Task Force Member
  • Henry Wirz

    CEO, Consumer Banking
  • Judy Yang

    Hmong Youth & Parents United

District_Members Card IconDistrict MembersTop of Page

  • Mike Baker

  • Kim Barnett

    Executive Director
  • Mike Braff

  • Linda Fowler

  • Tim Hammons

  • Walter Kawamoto

  • Steven Martinez

  • Bill McGuire

    Deputy Superintendent
  • Jackie Perez

    Associate Superintendent