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K-9 Unit

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K9 Bailey

Officer T. Kiesling and K9 Bailey

If you would like a school sniff or for the canine unit to come by for a friendly visit please email the above email address or call 916.566.2777. 

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The Twin Rivers Unified School District Police K9 unit was first proposed in 2009 out of a need and desire to find created ways to protect our students and staff. July 2010 the K9 program was funded and a long and intensive search began as the District sought to find the perfect canine for our specific needs. These needs included the up-most stable canine who can be trusted around our students with a high drive to work.  

In January 2011 the District located their canine after 6 months of search and testing many canines. By March 2011 K9 Jag was certified as a dual-purpose canine. As a dual-purpose K9, Jag was able to apprehend suspects and detect dangerous drugs. 

January 20th, 2016 K9 Jag was tragically killed in the line of duty during his annual certification. 

July 2017 the District funded a new K9 team. The District set out seeking a new K9. In September 2017 K9 Bailey was selected to join the Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department as a detection K9. K9 Bailey and her handler can be seen out in our school communities making positive impacts on our students.