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Electric Vehicles

Benefits_of_Zero-Emission_School_Buses: Card IconBenefits of Zero-Emission School Buses:Top of Page

  • Healthier – Clean air for our children, teachers, parents and neighbors.
  • Safe – Built and tested with high back seats and seat-belts.
  • Cleaner – Zero engine emissions.
  • Great Performance – Proven in all types of terrain and weather.
  • Cost Savings – Electric buses can reduce fueling costs of a vehicle by over 40%.
  • Quieter – Electric school buses are much quieter, allowing drivers better communication with and oversight of students.

Our_GREEN_Mission: Card IconOur GREEN Mission:Top of Page

To reduce unhealthy pollution in our environment by reducing needless vehicle emissions and provide safe state-of-the-art vehicles for our children.

I'm_all_CHARGED_up! Card IconI'm all CHARGED up!Top of Page

A group of kids wearing purple shirts in a school bus
A little girl holding a hula hoop
A student taking notes on a green piece of paper on a clipboard while outside in the garden
A student diving into the pool
Students lining up to pet a baby cow being fed milk from a bottle
Children playing tug-of-war
Students getting ready to put plants with soil in plastic pots
A student getting out of a schoolbus
High School Football players end of game
High School Football players
High School Cheerleaders
Elion side of bus view of logo